At Posh Pets we believe that Human and Dog Salons should be the same standard of practice. Including: Sanitation Practices, Skin & Hair Education as not every dog cannot use the same product in their hair. Also, we offer a stress-free environment during grooming. They are not kept in kennels and are given breaks if they show signs of stress during service. We keep Pet Parents well-informed about how their furbaby is doing during the grooming process.


Bath & Blowdry #1 – Small Dog: $25
Bath & Blowdry #2 – Medium Dog: $35
Bath & Blowdry #3 – Large Dog: $45
Deshedding treatment $25 in addition to cost of bath

Salon Groom – Small Dog: $50
Salon Groom – Medium Dog: $55
Salon Groom – Large Dog: $65

Flea Bath – Small Dog: $10
Flea Bath – Medium Dog: $15
Flea Bath – Large Dog: $20

Brushed teeth $18
Nail Trimming: $12
Nail Polish: $8
Temporary Tattoos: $5
Hair Color: $5 per area
Earrings & Bling: $5
Eyelash Extensions: $7

Dematting: $1 per minute
Deshedding Treating: $25

Pups must be brushed and free of mats or additional fees will by applied