What separates us from traditional boarding facilities?

We have an open play environment with indoor & outdoor play areas, plenty of water, experienced & loving staff, state-of-the-art facility designed with dogs’ needs in mind, a comfortable climate controlled facility, bedding and toys are sanitized daily, and 24 hour dog cams.

There are never additional fees for extra playtime, potty breaks, treats, hugs, kisses, blankets, pillows, or toys.
**We also have one last potty break at 10pm before bed time**

We truly believe pup parents can leave with peace of mind knowing their pup is not in a cage with limited potty breaks while away! Before your pup can stay, we recommend a free temperament evaluation (can also be done at drop off). Pups must stay for at least 3 hours for the recommended evaluation and must be spayed or neutered if over 6 months of age. If your pup does not pass the temperament evaluation or is not fixed, we have options to reserve a private suite where they will get as much out door play and potty time as other Poshpups, they just go out alone. If the temperament test is passed, then your Posh boarder will go into daycare and socialize all day with our other boarder and daycare pups.

Standard Overnight Stay:
Small Dogs $29 per night
Medium/Large Dogs $36 per night
For multiple dog families we offer a 25% discount for each additional dog.
Extended Stay Rates Available!

We also require each pup be free of fleas, current on Rabies, Bordatella, DHLP, and free of intestinal parasites
If fleas are found, a flea treatment is given at your expense.


We also offer a completely kennel free environment for those pups who are not accustomed to sleeping in kennels. These suites are separate from our standard boarding areas. Perhaps you may have an elderly dog, one who is currently taking mediation, or unable to socialize. Reserving a suite is the option that we require du ring your pups stay so that you are able to leave your furbaby and feel confident that they are surrounded with the closest to a home environment during their stay.

Each suite has ample paw-age space for your furbaby to comfortably sleep and play when they are not in Daycare. Up to 3 pups can stay comfortably in the same suite if they are from the same family. They have soft cozy beds, TV’s (that are kept on throughout the n ight and during the day except when your furbaby is socializing & enjoying new friends). They are also served bottled water. The suites have glass doors to give your pup the ability to see out, so not to feel isolated and we promise to give them every bit as much attention & love as the pups that are
at play.

The amount of time any dog is given outside of their sleeping quarters is determined on an individual basis. We want each furbaby to be as happy, stress-free as we can make them. So, we monitor each dogs body language and temperament constantly. At anytime, if we feel that they would be more comfortable in their sleeping quarters we will place them there for a break from the camp environment of daycare and taken out once every hour during the day to potty or return to play.

An additional $10.00 per night per pet. VIP guest have their own private suite and also receive a 15% discounted rate after 7 nights.

ALL DOGS RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY BATH AND BLOW-DRY IF STAYING 5 NIGHTS OR MORE. Every pup has their own private room regardless of standard or VIP guests. For boarding guests who are not spayed or neutered, they will not be socialized with other pups.